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Buklets 2016 Pirma puse copy Buklets 2016 otra puse The man has a certain energy field, and all we think about, everything we say and do, or eat, shapes our environment, physical fitness and our health. As they say, the man is an architect of his own happiness. Therefore, the objectives and tasks of the project Veselibas Sala (Island of health) are as follows:

  • to provide active, healthy and fun entertainment for adults and children;
  • to create appropriate conditions to improve health and physical well-being, make thinking more positive and increase energy level
  • to ensure peaceful relaxation away from hustle and bustle , noise and stress;
  • to find friends and comrades of interest;
  • to improve family relationships;
  • to improve the physical form through fitness, drinking clean water and eating natural products without preservatives and stabilizers
  • to gain knowledge about the world and personal energy.

The Veselibas Sala project has four areas: 1. Health services: healing sauna with special rite and massage (see video above) 2. Holidays in Latgale (guided tour in Latgale) 3. Holiday house Sala where everyone can get complete and easy rest 4. Children camp Pine forest and hills, green meadows with grasses, beautiful view of the lake are perfect combination to relax. We offer a healthy holiday in a forest house Sala (see Sauna house near Vertuksna Lake) for: families; people who want to relax individually; groups of friends. with the ability to: independently enjoy black bath on your own or use services of our professional attendant with special aromatic switches ; relax in the fireplace room; spend the night in one of 3 rooms; use patio with fireplace for leisure; play volleyball or basketball; start a fire; live in a tent; take a walk through the woods picking mushrooms or berries; go on a bike ride to the nearest points of interest; swim in the lake; fish from the shore or a boat; quench your thirst with spring water, wash with water from a natural source; enjoy energetic massage; get energy healing; ride down a hill on a sled in the winter. For groups of up to 6 people we offer a guided tour in Latgale with overnight stay in the holiday house Sala (see Travel) . Recreation facilities for children are in a development stage (see Childrens Camp)

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